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PU Panel A New Type Of Synthetic Material Between Plastic And Rubber

Nov 01, 2017

PU Panel: thermosetting polyurethane elastomer referred to as PU, commonly known as Youli glue, spring plastic, is a polyol and isocyanate reaction, chain extension chain made of a plastic and rubber between the new synthetic materials. According to the main structure of polyurethane elastomer, divided into polyether and polyester type two.

Polyether Polyurethane: English name Polyether urethane. Polyether polyurethane in the polyurethane occupies the most important position, mainly because the polyether viscosity is small, easy to operate. Polyether resilience, moisture evaporation, low temperature performance, impact strength, heat accumulation, water resistance, resistance to fungal aspects are better than polyester type.

Polyester polyurethane, compared with polyether, mechanical strength, tensile strength, tear strength, sliding friction, oil resistance, thermal aging, metal adhesion, solvent resistance and oxidation resistance is better than poly Ether type. But the polyester viscosity, the operation more difficult.

Product Features:

Polyurethane elastomer has good properties such as chemical resistance, tensile strength, high elasticity, high pressure load, high abrasion resistance, strong shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high strength, high load and cushioning. In a wide range of hardness (Shore A10 to Shao D75) can maintain a high degree of flexibility. Its excellent unique comprehensive performance is not available in ordinary plastic and rubber.

Application areas:

For the metallurgical, mining, oil, automotive, building materials, sports, heavy machinery, large stamping equipment, shock absorbers, pads, springs, and do all kinds of metal plate, General machinery and equipment friction, from the buffer or shock absorption, is the ideal mold spring.