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PP-R Tube Is Easy To Crisp And Crack, How To Solve It?

Feb 13, 2018

The PPR pipe of an enterprise extruded the production of the user reaction is relatively crisp, in the process of loading and unloading, there is a break phenomenon, hair crisp, what is the reason? How to solve it?

There are several reasons for the embrittlement of PPR tubes in the process of production.

(1) the possible selection of the possible raw materials, PP-R is ethylene propylene copolymer, industrial production with different ethylene content, so that the PP-R has a variety of models. When the content of common polyethylene is more, the toughness of the material is better. On the contrary, the less the content of ethylene in the copolymer, the greater the brittleness of the material. When purchasing PP-R materials, we should pay attention to the content of ethylene. The low brittleness is not suitable for the molding of pipes.

(2) the extruder barrel temperature is too low, or head stability is too low or too fast rotation speed and makes the material stay in the barrel in a short period of time, resulting in material plasticating, will lead to pipe brittleness.

The main solutions are as follows:

(1) when choosing the resin model, we should choose the special resin for pipe grade. Such as RA130E\4220\RP100W130 and so on

(2) improve the temperature of the machine barrel and the head of the machine, so that the material can be plasticized even.

(3) reduce the rotating speed of the screw properly so that the material will stay in the barrel enough to ensure the plasticization of the material.

(4) reduce the temperature of cooling water properly, speed up the cooling rate and reduce the crystallinity of PP-R, so as to improve the toughness of the pipe.

from: PPR Pipe Extrusion Line