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PP Pipe Production Line Into The Factory, How To Start Acceptance?

May 16, 2018



PP pipe production line due to more equipment parts, after long-distance transportation and lifting, there may be damage or the number of parts and the number of packing list inconsistent.

Therefore, when the production line enters the factory for the first time to open the box for acceptance, suppliers, transportation and equipment management personnel and purchase equipment contractors shall participate in the inspection and acceptance.


A. Before the box is unpacked, check whether the packaging of the equipment is damaged. If there is any damage, take a photo and keep the card, and check with the relevant personnel.

B. Open the parts of the upper eyebrows of the box body damaged and rusted; verify that the equipment name, specifications and the purchase contract are consistent.

  No problem, then remove the side panel. Find packing slips, equipment instructions and equipment factory certification.

C, according to the packing list and equipment instructions inventory equipment and accessories, and registration.

D, cleaning equipment and accessories, check for damage and paint, rust. After inspection, all parts must be oiled.

E. After all checks and acceptances are passed, relevant personnel sign and record.

It is worth noting that taking photographs of the scene as much as possible and contact our after-sales staff, after archiving for later services.


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