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Plastic Raw Material Can Be Called Macromolecules Or Macromolecules

Oct 18, 2017

Plastic raw materials is a polymer, also known as macromolecules or macromolecules, is also commonly known as plastic or resin. The so-called plastic raw materials, in fact, it is [synthetic resin] in a shape with the natural resin [pine resin] similar, but also through the chemical force to synthesis, and is called plastic. This polymer is composed of many smaller and simple structure of small molecules, by the covalent bond to the combination. A wide variety of polymers, generally if the heat to change the classification, it can be divided into two categories.

Injection molding is a common way to use plastic materials. However, precision injection is the pursuit of creating high-precision injection products. Precision injection has two indicators: First, equipment accuracy, the other is the mold error precision injection has the most sophisticated injection-related products.

Injection molding process is the plastic from the solid (powder or pellets) to the liquid (melt) and solid (products) to the process of change. From the pellets to the melt, and then from the melt to the product, the middle to go through the temperature field, stress field, flow field and the role of density field, under the combined effect of these fields, different plastics have different polymer structure And rheological properties.

In precision injection molding, the mold is used to meet the quality requirements of precision plastic products, one of the key, precision injection mold should be consistent with the product size, accuracy and shape requirements. However, even if the mold accuracy, size consistent, the actual size of its molded plastic products will be inconsistent due to differences in shrinkage. Therefore, the effective control of the shrinkage of plastic products in precision injection molding technology is very important.


General plastic raw materials: ABS ABS high rubber powder ADPOLY AS (SAN) CA CAB EAA EVA GPPS HDPE HIPS LDPE LLDPE MBS MS MVLDPE (metallocene) PP PVC.

Engineering Plastics raw materials: COC K (Q) plastic LCP PA / ABS PA46 PA6 PA6 / 66 PA612 PA66 PBT PC PC / ABS PC / PBT PC / PET PEEK PEI PET PETG PMMA POM PPA PPE PPO PPS.

Thermoplastic elastomer raw material: CPE POE SBR SBS SEBS SIS TPE TPEE TPO TPR TPSIV TPU TPV TPX

Thermosetting plastic raw materials: EP PU bakelite powder.