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On The Quality Identification Of Fiberglass Cloth

Oct 27, 2017

Fiberglass Cloth reinforced long and short brick masonry with its durable performance, simple and convenient construction, the use of almost no change in the size of the original size of the advantages of components, so this reinforcement method has been gradually promoted and applied in the international arena, And get good economic benefits, by the people has been favorable.

On the basis of predecessors' research, the experts have carried on the experimental research on the compressive, shear and bending resistance of the long and short brick masonry reinforced with Fiberglass Cloth. The experiment results are as follows: Improve the masonry load resistance and shear capacity, seismic performance, bending resistance and ductility, improve the strength of masonry performance. In the case of

Identification of fiberglass products of the appearance of Fiberglass Cloth defects:

(1) Where the adjacent name, different degrees of appearance defects, should be points separately, but mixed together, according to a serious one deduction. In the case of

(2) within the specified length, according to the number of points of the defect, the division of strict selection. In the case of

(3) Where the length of the deduction points, according to the maximum length of the calculation. In the case of

(4) measuring the length of the intermittent or dispersed defect length, the spacing of 1 cm and below, the amount of its total length, spacing greater than 1 cm, respectively, Fiberglass Cloth the length of its length. In the case of

(5) debris, drag yarn and other defects must be repaired. Poorly trimmed and punched by similar defects. In the case of

(6) false open cut, should be marked, excluding production, deduction starting point of 10 cm. A fake cut length of not more than 3 meters, more than 3 meters for the cut. When the distance between two false cut and cut is less than 1 meter, the distance is not the output.

(7) from the edge of the cloth within 1 cm of the wrong, Matsushita, Shuangjing, wear the wrong, by, continued shrinkage and displacement is not deducted points.