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New Trial Of Nano-coating Technology-Improve The Local Wear-Resistance Of Co-rotating Twin Screws

Aug 16, 2019

New Trial of Nano-coating Technology-Improve the Local Wear-Resistance of Co-rotating Twin Screws.jpg

All along, co-rotating twin screw local wear is mostly an important problem in extrusion production, so the building block screw( segement screw elemet) which is easier to replace is invented.
The segement screw elemet can be changed the material and performance of individual  to solve some of Wear problems. In many cases , the problem can be solved simply by using components ( screw elemets) with  cheaper and worse performance. 

We have made a bold attempt to use the latest coating technology, new nano-scale materials, in the material surface fusion performance, so that some materials can enter the screw surface, fill the hole of the original material, form a compact shell, in order to meet the needs of wear resistance. At present, some achievements have been achieved, and new ideas have been suggested for other companies and institutions devoted to this direction.

Kalshine is committed to making better screw and moving forward.