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Low-cost Plastic Recycling Granulation

Apr 20, 2018

Low-cost, simple and feasible waste plastic recycling granulation production
At present, the majority of rural waste plastics recycling granulation small factories are more. The waste plastic recycling and granulation production process adopted by them uses the same sequence as the waste plastic recycling and granulation process described above, but the equipment investment is very small. Each production process is handled as follows.
(1) According to the different types of plastic products, such as tubes, films, bottles, soles and so on.
(2) Clean plastic construction cement pool, with water up and down. The order of washing waste plastics in the pool is as follows.
1 Go to sediment cleaning.
2 to oil cleaning: in the pool first with detergent or alkaline water cleaning, remove the oil and then wash it with water; for mixed with cotton and other debris, plastic, can be soaked in concentrated sulfuric acid, the cotton yarn corrosion after the use of water Wash once.
(3) According to the different classification of raw materials, hardness and color, such as gray hard PVC pipe, board, white hard pipe, film, dark color PVC soles, hoses and other classification stacked. Then sort it back.
(4) The crushing machine can be broken by a crusher, or a self-made heating oven (heated with a resistance wire) can be used to bake the hard plastic products, and then cut into strips (removing aged and deteriorating parts) with a knife, and directly cast into a plastic granulator. Granulation inside.
(5) Extrusion granulation plastic granulator selection Under the conditions allowed by the funds, you can buy exhaust plastic granulator. In order to save investment, plastic granulators can also be made by themselves.


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