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Key Points Of Formulation For SPC Floor Production

Nov 28, 2018

SPC floor Production-kalshine

1. PVC resin: Vinyl five-type resin, better strength and toughness, environmental protection.

2. Fineness of calcium powder: Because the proportion of calcium powder is large, which directly affects the cost of formulation, processing performance, wear and product performance of screw barrel, it is not possible to select excessively coarse calcium powder. Fineness of calcium powder is beneficial to 400-800 mesh.

3. Internal and external lubrication: Considering the factors of long high temperature residence time in extruder, material performance and peeling force, it is suggested that high performance wax should be used to control the small usage, and different waxes should be used to meet the initial and medium and long-term lubrication requirements.

4. ACR: Because of the high content of calcium powder and high plasticizing requirement of SPC floor, besides the control of screw type and processing technology, it is necessary to add additives to help plasticizing, and to ensure that the melt has certain strength, and has certain ductility in the calendering process.

5. Toughening agent: The floor not only needs low shrinkage, good rigidity, but also a certain degree of toughness. It needs the balance of rigidity and toughness to ensure the firmness of the lock, not to soften at high temperature, and to maintain a certain degree of toughness at low temperature. CPE has good toughness, but the rigidity of PVC decreases with the addition of large parts, Vicat softening temperature and shrinkage rate increases.

6. Dispersant: Because there are many components and the proportion of calcium carbonate is relatively large, it is very important to treat the intrusion and dispersion of calcium carbonate and its components. Dispersion can not only improve the processing performance, but also improve the product performance, improve the demoulding cycle, reduce and delay the wear of screw barrel.

PE wax is not only a lubricant, but also a dispersing agent. However, the addition amount of PE wax will affect the balance of internal and external lubrication, melt strength, shrinkage, peeling force and brittleness of products.

Environmental plasticizer: can play a certain role in dispersing and helping plasticization, but the amount of excessive, will affect the shrinkage rate, product Vicat temperature drops, with the passage of time, products will become brittle.

Other dispersants: fluorinated compounds, isocyanate compounds, small dosage, good effect, not only play a role in dispersion, but also have coupling lubrication, but the price is high.

7. Recycling: Make the best use of the company's production recycling and post-processing recycling.

Note: Clean, non-humid, batch crushing and blending after grinding. In particular, the recycled materials with slots must be proportionally blended with grinding powder to form closed recycling. It is necessary to adjust the technological formula of the sample when the amount of recycled material varies greatly.

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