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Have You Discovered These Magical Uses After Using Plastic Bags For So Many Years?

Jul 24, 2020


  Plastic bags can not only hold things, but also have many uses. Come and try



  (1) Prevent clothes from getting wrinkledWhen folding clothes, fold the plastic bag inside the clothes, and separate the clothes from each other with plastic bags. In this way, when squeezed, the plastic will buffer a part of the pressure, and it can also slow down the friction between the clothes, so that the clothes are not easy to wrinkle.

  (2) Help leather shoes prevent mold: Clean the leather shoes with a damp cloth, dry them, apply shoe polish, brush them up with a shoe brush, put them in an airtight plastic bag, discharge the gas, and tie the bag tightly with a rope to prevent deformation and mold.


  (3) Storage chestnut: Pack the chestnut in a plastic bag and place it in a well-ventilated basement with stable temperature.  When the temperature is above 10℃, the plastic bag mouth should be opened; When the temperature is below 10℃, keep the plastic bag tightly closed. At the beginning, flip once every 7 to 10 days. After 1 month, the number of flips can be appropriately reduced.



  (4) Stored cabbage: Non-toxic plastic bags can be used to store cabbage in winter. When the indoor temperature is too low, a plastic bag can be used to wrap the whole cabbage and tie the bag; If the temperature is above 0°C, the cabbage can be covered from the top with a plastic bag, instead of tying it, just put the root down on the ground.

  (5) Save rice to prevent mildew: Put the rice into a compound plastic food bag, squeeze out the air in the bag, and tie the bag tightly with a rope close to the rice, which can prevent the rice from being damp and mildew.

  (6) Keep celery fresh: If celery can't be eaten for a while, you can remove the yellow and rotten leaves, tie them into small bundles, put them in a non-toxic polyethylene plastic bag that is slightly longer than the celery plant, loosen the mouth of the bag, and place it in a low temperature place. It can be kept fresh for several days.