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Is It Easy To Produce SPC Flooring? What Is The Process Of SPC Floor?

Nov 24, 2018

SPC floor Production Process-kalshine1

SPC floor Production Process-kalshine1

Process: 1 mixture

According to the ratio of raw materials for automatic weighing, high-speed mixer hot mix (thermal mixing temperature: 125 ℃, role

Is the mixing of various materials, eliminate the moisture in the material) – > enter cold mix (material cool down To prevent caking and discoloration, cold mix temperature: 55 ℃).- by cooling mixing of materials;

Process 2: extrusion

Join the twin screw extruder, heated extrusion – into the sheet forming, extrusion molding pieces

After four roll calender, base material to decide to stick color film, thick stick wear-resisting layer – cooling – cutting;

Process 3: UV tempering

Surface UV – tempered, tempering hot water temperature: 80 ~ 120 ℃;The cold water temperature: 10 ℃)

Process  4: splitting, slotting + packaging

Cutting, notching, trimming, chamfering to inspection, packaging

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