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Introduction Of Flame Retardant Masterbatch For PP

Jun 13, 2017

  Introduction of Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP

  Flame retardant masterbatch is also known as Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP. Is one of the most excellent flame retardant products in the plastics and rubber resins. The flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) is an organic combination of various flame retardant components on the basis of flame retardants. Effective, and through a twin-screw or three-screw extruder through mixing, extrusion, granulation and made a granular product. Unlike flame retardants, flame retardant masterbatch has the advantages of easy to add in the resin, clean and hygienic, high flame retardant efficiency, small addition amount, little effect on the mechanical properties of the resin, and it is not easy to be stratified, patterned and precipitated after adding , Save manpower, material cost and time and many other advantages. In general, flame retardant masterbatch in the resin in the dispersion, mobility, compatibility with the resin and thermal stability and weather resistance are much better than ordinary flame retardants,Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP while the proper prescription flame retardant masterbatch its flame retardant Efficiency and efficiency (cost-effective) is much better than ordinary flame retardants. So the current flame retardant masterbatch flame retardant plastic products to achieve the best choice for fire protection requirements, and become an effective alternative to flame retardant powder.

  1, high flame retardant efficiency: a variety of flame retardant components of the organic combination and synergistic effect makes the flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) flame retardant efficiency is much higher than the flame retardant (to achieve the same flame retardant standards in the plastic Adding less than the flame retardant, the cost can be reduced).

  2, easy to use: flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) mostly sheet or strip tablets size particles, just like the size of plastic particles in general,Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP to improve their mutual compatibility, making it easier to disperse and add and health And reduce the waste of waste.

  3, and resin compatibility: In general, flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) have been specially treated to improve its compatibility with the plastic resin, making it even in the resin even when the larger Prone to stratification, blooming, pattern and other issues.

  4, reduce costs and improve the value-added products: often through the flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) to join the general plastic with or near the application of engineering plastics requirements, improve the value-added products, reducing raw material costs.