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In The Daily Work, How To Maintain The Screw?

Feb 05, 2018


The screw is an important maintenance object in the extrusion.

In daily operation, it is not allowed to start when plastic melt is not up to the technology temperature. The machine does not allow long time idle (2-3min) when the machine is empty, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the machine barrel with hard foreign matter. The maintenance of screw should also be done in the following aspects.

(1) flange removeremoving front barrel screw is completed, from the top end of the screw screw using special tool, use a hammer is not allowed, stick or Pratia tools beat when necessary.

(2) each disassembly separation immediately with a copper brush (do not use tools such as file or scraper scraper) remove sticky on the surface of the materials, while cleaning on the surface of parts coated with demoulding agent or some mineral oil, to remove the threaded part convenient residue pits. Pay attention to protection and avoid cleaning solvent to damage the skin.

(3) if the material adhered to the part has cooled down and hardened, it can be heated locally or put into the oven, but we should pay attention to the temperature no more than 500 degrees C, so as to prevent the material from tempering.

(4) check the parts after cleaning. If there are slight scratches and frictional damages on the surface of the screw, it can be smoothed and smoothed with fine sand paper or fine oil stone. New parts should be replaced for the parts which are badly worn and cannot be repaired.

(5) to assemble the connecting thread between the front and two parts of each part to be coated with a layer of high temperature resistant oil (such as molybdenum disulfide) so as to facilitate the next maintenance and disassembly.

From: Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel