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How To Use PP Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardant

Mar 09, 2017

1) and extruder for PP after mixing, add, adding quality of 25%-27%;

2) temperature recommended at 180-200, and due to this product a good thermal stability, if specific process requirements, can also be increased;

3) when mixed with PP extrusion, recommend the use of double screw extruder, the best parallel co-rotating twin screw pelletizing;

4) recommends not to add any other inorganic fillers, as packing damage carbon layer, effect of flame retardant effect;

5) lubricant of the recommended not to add stearic acid salts;

6) if adding antioxidant and light stabilizer, to use the organic kind of antioxidant and light stabilizer;

7) special environmentally friendly flame retardant PP mixed with other additives should be used carefully.