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How To Test Run A Conical Twin Screw Extruder By Idling?

Mar 09, 2018


(1) start the lubricating oil pump, and enter the lubricating oil into all the lubricating parts to check whether the lubricating oil quantity is sufficient and the lubrication point is correct.

After the lubricating oil pump starts to lubricate each part of the 3min, if the work is normal and there is no leakage in the lubricating oil pipeline, the main motor can be started at low speed. At this time, we should observe whether the current on the control box, whether the swing of the pointer is abnormal or not, whether it exceeds the rated value, the value, whether the transmission system works smoothly or not, whether the running sound is normal or not, and check that the screw rotation should be stable, and there will be no friction or no abnormal noise with the cylinder. When everything is normal, the screw speed can be slowly increased, but the time of air operation can not exceed 3min

(3) start the quantitative feeding screw, rotate the drive motor, check whether the current change is in rated value, whether the transmission system has abnormal sound, when all normal, it can adjust the feed screw speed, and it should be able to smoothly rise or fall without exception.

(4) start the vacuum pump, check the vacuum system work is normal, there is no gas leakage phenomenon.

The barrel heating and cooling system of circulating water -- open the water supply valve, cylinder temperature reaches the set temperature of constant temperature process 2h, and adjust with the measured temperature control box and mercury thermometer detection barrel point temperature of the instrument temperature difference; circulating cooling water pipes have no leakage phenomenon.

The test of the emergency stop button is correct and reliable work; the feeding screw drive motor and motor drive interlock between the host screw rotation depends on the accuracy of work.


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