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How To Reduce The Cost Of Plastic Pipe Processing?

Mar 17, 2018

In the total cost of plastic pipe extrusion, the cost of plastic material usually occupies 70% to 80% of the proportion of plastic material. In recent years, the rise of the price of plastic materials has made plastic pipe production enterprises bear huge cost pressure. In the face of this situation, how should plastic pipe production enterprises adopt advanced processing technology to cope with the difficulties in front of them?

The selection of good plastic pipe extrusion equipment will play a very good role in reducing the processing cost of plastic pipe extrusion, which is due to:

In the case of high price of plastic raw materials, there are not many articles to be done from the perspective of raw material itself, and improving utilization rate of raw materials is a very promising direction. For example, by selecting effective production equipment with automatic detection and control function to improve the yield and reduce the rate of unqualified products, the utilization rate of raw materials can be increased by 5% or even more.

Under normal circumstances, because good production equipment can run stably and accurately for a long time, it not only reduces the shutdown times and failure rates greatly, but also controls the section size of pipe products accurately. For example, the outer diameter and wall thickness of the pipe will fluctuate in a very ideal range, so that the wall thickness and diameter of the pipe will be controlled at the ideal scale under the premise of ensuring the product's performance, so that the unit weight can be optimized. Only this one can save 2% to 3% of the raw materials.

In addition, high productive equipment also helps to reduce energy consumption. In this regard, when inspecting the power consumption of equipment, plastic pipe production enterprises can't be inspected only from the installed capacity of the equipment. The most important thing is to inspect the energy consumed by the equipment per qualified product per ton. For example, the production of the same 63mm PE pipe, good equipment for every ton of qualified products in the average cost of electricity is 300~400 yuan, while the poor equipment will need to spend 600~900 yuan.

In addition, the automation of the equipment is helpful to reduce labor intensity and labor cost. Although the domestic labor force is cheap at present, this situation is only temporary. With the progress of the society, the labor cost will increase year by year. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to improve the automation processing conditions of the enterprises.


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