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How To Choose A Suitable The Extruder For The Pipe Production?

Apr 17, 2018

There are many types of extruders. How to choose them when producing pipes?

Generally, we should consider the properties of the processed materials and the characteristics and requirements of the products.

When the PVC pipe is directly extruded with powder, the twin screw extruder is mostly used.

When processing rigid PVC, Conical Twin Screw extruders are used.

When using PVC powder material to process hose or HDPE large pipe (diameter over 80mm), parallel twin screw is adopted.

When we need to produce the pipes useing the materials like PE\PP\PS\PA\ABS\PET etc, selected the single screw for the extruders is good.

For PC\PET\PA and other hygroscopic materials, it is better to use single screw extruder with exhausted to ensure product quality.

From :www.kalshine.com