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How Does The Vacuum Exhaust Of The Extruder Operate When The Tube Is Produced By A Twin Screw Extruder?

Feb 01, 2018


In the production of PA pipes, the vacuum exhaust of the twin screw extruder is required. The operation steps are as follows.

(1) first, we should open the top lid of the condensing tank, clean up the tap water to the middle part of the upper window, clean the sealing ring, install the filter plate and the upper cover, and close the water valve.

(2) after the main engine enters a stable running state, the vacuum pump is started. At the same time, the intake valve of the vacuum pump is opened, and the water level of the outlet pipe of the vacuum pump is observed to adjust to the suitable working water volume.

(3) open the exhaust hood cover, observe the filling and plasticizing state of the material in the spiral groove from the exhaust port, if normal, you can slowly open any condensing inlet and outlet valve, and set up the exhaust chamber and the condensing tank, and the vacuum degree should be displayed.

(4) if the exhaust port has a riser, it can be solved by adjusting the speed of the main engine and the feeding machine or the size of the vacuum.

(5) when cleaning out the material from the exhaust chamber, the cleaning tool must not be cut into the rotating screw.

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