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How Does The Underwater Cutter Work ?

Mar 20, 2018

The whole working process of underwater granulator is that, when the high temperature polyester melt with some pressure from the cast strip at the lead extrusion, overflow water casting strip first by gravity immersion in cutter on the starting plate for cooling, and then flows through the guide plate with a groove

And the cutting board, and in the process of the spray water cooling further curing; finally, the two guide roller is introduced into the gap between the moving knife, the knife blade rotation of the spiral strip casting will be cut off. Since the center of the particles has not been completely cooled, and in semi melting state, water is also provided to prevent adhesion between particles. Transport of water into the cutting head after being assigned board is divided into two units: a cooling for freshly cut particles; another is used to slice a particle transport granulator, through continuous operation to continue cutting cutter to particle size is determined according to production needs.

From: Underwater Pelletizing