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How Do The Foamed Plastic Leftover Materials Be Recycled?

Feb 12, 2018

The application of foamed plastics is increasing gradually. It is not only the way to recycle raw materials and reduce the cost, but also the need of environmental protection. There are two main sources of foamed plastic leftover materials. One is the waste and edge materials produced during the production and preparation of foam plastics, the two is all kinds of waste foam plastics products.

Usually, 2 ways of physical recovery and chemical recovery are used. The composite foam creates a new efficient method for recycling and rapidly expands to all kinds of foam plastics recycling areas.

1. Physical recovery

A simple split

(1) recycled plastic, which will be directly added to the production after the foam is crushed, and the amount of adding is greatly limited.

(2) adhesive plywood or lump foam plastic, the foam broken to a certain size of the pieces, double roll molding, molding foam to make foam sheet. Or the foam can be broken to a certain size, double roll and molding.

(3) composite foam sandwich structure of a typical core injection for scrap foam, upper and lower epidermis are other types of plastic new materials of the same kind or compatible with foam core recovery, this method of CO injection has been used, its typical products are automobile bumper and lining materials.

(4) make artificial soil

Two. Chemical recovery

There are four methods for the chemical recycling of waste foam plastics.

Pyrolysis, hydrolysis, alcoholysis, alkali solution.

Pyrolysis: a mixture of foam, gas and liquid fractions

Hydrolysis: Foam + water, polyol and polyamine

Alcohol solution: foam +HO-R-0H to polyol mixture

Alkali solution: foam +Na0H, amine + alcohol +Na2CO3


From:  XPS/EPS Recycling Machine