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Horizontal Cutting Machine Operation Notice

Feb 23, 2018

The horizontal cutting machine is important part of XPS/EPS Recycling MachineSo we talk about what are today horizontal granulator operation notice1, operator packing, must be optimistic, the material do not enter the sundries, master the temperature.

1, operator packing, must be optimistic, the material do not enter the sundries, master the temperature.

2, if one opens the machine, the phenomenon of sticking mold head is not formed, the temperature of the die head is too high, and a little cooling can be normal. In general, there is no stop.

3, the water temperature should be low at 50---60 DEG C, easily broken, beyond easy adhesion, at boot time plus the best half hot and no such conditions available to the grain cutting cutter is conveyed in a period of time, such as water temperature and then let the automatic cutting, to avoid breakage, water temperature more than 60 DEG C need to add cold water circulation, in order to maintain the temperature.

4, cut grain must be all to pull into the roller against, otherwise it will damage the cutter. If the vent hole is out for the material, it is proved that the impurity has blocked the filter network. At this time, the net film must be stopped quickly, and the 40---60 mesh can be selected.

Horizontal granulator characteristics

1. All the recycled materials can be produced without drying or drying or drying after sorting and cleaning, and both dry and wet use.

2, from raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding to make particles are automated.

3, make full use of the high pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, avoiding continuous heating, saving energy and energy saving.

4, the full automatic distribution system is adopted to ensure the safe and normal operation of the motor.

5, the screw cylinder is made of high quality carbon structural steel imported with high strength and durable.

6, the appearance of the machine is beautiful and generous. Some manufacturers can paint the paint according to the requirements of the customer.


 From: XPS/EPS Recycling Machine