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HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line

May 15, 2018

HDPE pipe and gas pipe  have good flexibility, rigidity, creep resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance and good hot melt weldability.
Kalshine has high quality HDPE pipe extrusion production line. Its automation level is high, operation is convenient, and continuous extrusion production is stable and reliable. The production line consists of an efficient extruder, a head, a fixed cooling system, a tractor, a cutting machine, a turnover frame, a control system and so on. The production line is combined with a mark line extruder. The extruder adopts high - efficiency screw and strongly conveyed bushing. The nose is made of spiral structure with uniform discharging and static mixing to eliminate the seam line. The whole line can be controlled monotonously and uniformly, and the operation is very convenient.


from: www.kalshine.com