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HBCD-free Flame Retardant Masterbatch For XPS Amazing Future Development Of The Truth

Dec 18, 2017

The  future development of hollow-core flame retardant masterbatch polymer  materials amazing truth, with the rapid development of science and  technology, polymer materials in recent years gradually expand the  application areas. Due to the flammability of polymer materials, the application and research of flame retardants have received global attention. As a material aid to reduce the ignition ability of materials, flame  retardants have now become important additives for polymer materials.

Currently, the world's four major flame retardant markets are: the United States, Europe, Japan and other Asia Pacific. Among the four markets, the fastest growth was in other parts of Asia. Statistics  show that from 2006 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of global  flame retardants was 4.1%, while other Asian countries and regions with  an average annual growth rate of 12.5%. It is predicted that from 2008  to 2014, the global flame retardant dosage With an average annual growth rate of 4.9% and sales of up to 7%, the  global usage and sales of flame retardants in 2014 could reach 2620 and  61 billion U.S. dollars respectively (equivalent to 40 billion yuan).

Due to the transfer of the international downstream industrial chain, the  domestic flame retardant industry has developed rapidly. At present, the dosage of flame retardant in China is 180,000 ~ 220,000 tons / year. 2007 ~ 2011, 4.jpgChina's average annual use of flame retardants increased by about 15%. It  is understood that currently on the market of flame retardants products  are mainly divided into two categories of inorganic flame retardants  and organic flame retardants. Hollow  board flame-retardant masterbatch of which inorganic flame retardants  such as antimony trioxide, magnesium hydroxide and other flame retardant  system; organic flame retardants, including bromine, nitrogen and  phosphorus-based compounds represented by some of the flame retardant  products. It  is noteworthy that, despite the rapid development of China's flame  retardant industry, but the domestic consumption structure of flame  retardant products is not reasonable, the performance of brominated  flame retardants account for a huge market share. However,  from 2008 to 2010, with the soaring domestic bromine prices, the  tendency of brominated flame retardants to be replaced by relatively  low-cost halogen-free flame retardants has been continuously  strengthened, and the market of brominated flame retardants shows a  certain degree of decline status.

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