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Four Major Development Direction Of Plastic Machinery

Jul 20, 2017

  Four major development direction of plastic machinery

  Intensify efforts to develop precision injection molding machines and precision extruders

  At present, precision injection molding machine is mainly foreign brands, China's annual imports of about 20,000 Taiwan presses, 60% of precision injection molding machine. In the multi-layer co-extrusion machine, China's presses in the precise control of thick technology is also difficult to compare with the foreign presses. Extrusion equipment in the two-way stretch PET (PA, BOPP) membrane unit, precision medical catheter extrusion unit has also been the territory of foreign companies. The development of independent intellectual property rights of domestic precision injection molding and extrusion equipment is necessary, not only can replace imports, but also make our country in the international high-end plastic machinery market occupies a place. The same time as the above-

  Mainframe and microcomputer development

  China's small and medium-sized plastic machinery categories, specifications are relatively complete, but the mainframe and micro-machine is still in its infancy. The design and manufacture of large and micro plastics machinery is closely related to the overall machinery manufacturing and material technology level of the country, focusing on the relevant technical base and the establishment of the intellectual property system in the initial stage. Miniaturization is the future of all kinds of products important development direction, more and more market demand, the current electronics, information, electrical, medical, biological and other departments have shown a clear momentum of development is an example. Such as for the replacement of human blood vessels less than 0.5mm in diameter plastic pipe production equipment, some countries have been in research and development.

  Development of energy - saving plastic machinery

  Traditional plastic machinery in energy conservation also has a certain potential, because the previous design is often only focus on stand-alone production capacity. In the design of energy-saving plastic machinery, Plastic Machine the production speed is not the most important indicator, the most important indicator is the processing unit weight of the energy consumption. Therefore, the mechanical design of the equipment, the control mode, and the operating conditions must be optimized based on the minimum energy consumption. The use of advanced energy-saving technology, frequency control motor power conversion efficiency is significantly higher than the previous electromagnetic speed motor, DC motor, with the frequency control technology mature and the frequency converter cost reduction, in plastic machinery, special Is in the extrusion equipment has been widely used.

  Automation and the development of intelligent presses

  Automation and intelligent, intelligent plastic machine development will significantly improve the operation of the press stability and reliability, and effectively improve the quality of high-quality, high efficiency, Plastic Machine low consumption of production functions, and to achieve unattended workshop, no one Factories provide a solid technical foundation.

  Network and virtualization

  Networked management technology is almost a technology outside the device, but it is indeed inseparable from the equipment. Plastic Machine From the auxiliary equipment manufacturers to the host manufacturers are network management system as a device can provide one of the control functions. Which will promote a higher level of international integration design and manufacturing, the implementation of a more sound professional production of the press.