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Forging Forming Method Of Special Reducer For Plastic Machinery

Sep 27, 2017

  Forging forming method of special reducer for plastic machinery

  Using the forging machinery to exert pressure on the metal billet, the special reducer of plastic machinery produces plastic deformation to obtain a machining method with certain mechanical properties, certain shape and dimension forgings. plastic machinery One of the two major components of forging. The mechanical properties of forgings are generally superior to the castings of the same material through forging to eliminate the loose casting of metal and Weld hole. The important parts with high load and severe working conditions are used in addition to the simple shape of rolling plate, profile or welding parts.

  Forging according to the forming method can be divided into:

  ① open Forging (forged), the use of impact force or pressure on the metal in the upper and lower two to iron (anvil) between the deformation to obtain the required forgings, plastic machinery Special reducer mainly manual forging and mechanical forging two kinds.

  ② closed mode forging. The metal billet can be divided into forging, heading, plastic machinery rotary forging, extruding and so on, which is subjected to pressure deformation in the forging die chamber with certain shape. According to the deformation temperature forging can be divided into hot forging (the process temperature is higher than that of the billet metal recrystallization temperature), forging (lower than recrystallization temperature) and cold (room temperature). Forging materials are mainly carbon and alloy steels of various components, followed by aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper and other alloys. The original state of the material of the special reducer for plastic machinery is rods, ingots, metal powders and liquid metals. plastic machinery The ratio of the cross area of metal before deformation to the die area after deformation is called forging ratio. The correct selection of forging ratio is very important to improve product quality and reduce cost.