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Flame Retardant Masterbatch For PP Mature Technology

Jun 13, 2017

  Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP mature technology, excellent affinity. In the compatibility of polypropylene with the use of melt blending can be a uniform and stable dispersion system. Both to reduce the deterioration of the physical properties of the material, but also make full use of flame retardant elements, flame retardant efficiency to achieve the ultimate resistance to migration is good, long-term use will not appear after the frost phenomenon. Excellent weather resistance, long-term air will not turn yellow, does not fail.

  Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP with high efficiency bromine antimony composite flame retardant masterbatch (flame retardant components 85%, carrier 15%) is particularly suitable for PP (polypropylene) flame retardant, polypropylene hollow board, electrical shell, Taiwan and other aspects of widely used materials, the flame retardant effect and performance, especially unparalleled thermal stability, excellent dispersion, and efficient flame retardant effect can do V0 level flame retardant PP.

  Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP characteristics: Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP after several optimization, because the masterbatch high purity, and resin compatibility, dispersion performance is excellent, easy to mix non-dust polymer activation treatment, so the substrate The mechanical properties remain excellent.

  Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP flame retardant effect is good, add less, masterbatch white high, does not affect the color of the product can be equipped with the total color.

  Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP thermal stability is excellent, the product can be repeated processing, flame retardant effect, strength, color did not change significantly.

  Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP is environmentally friendly bromine, non-toxic low smoke, thermal cracking or combustion does not produce toxic DBDO and DBDF, the environment does not affect.

  Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP cold tolerance, anti-ultraviolet ability, not easy to precipitate, can improve the product forming fluidity.

  Flame Retardant Masterbatch for PP in the homogeneous PP in the general use of 4-6%, up to UL94-V2 level (from the fire that is extinguished); if used for copolymerized PP or a large number of toughening agent to join the homopolymer PP, You need to add more appropriate 2-4 copies. In the case of more appropriate dose, this product can do strict UL94-V0 effect.