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Flame Retardant Favored Causes

Mar 09, 2017

With the development of polymer material industry, plastics, rubber, fiber synthetic materials are widely used in construction, chemical, military and transport sectors, because of the flammability of polymeric materials and, therefore, its flame retardant technologies received global attention.

With the awareness of environmental protection and its regulations of various countries have enacted, flame retardant market has developed rapidly, and currently widely used flame retardant halogen (mainly chlorine and bromine), phosphorous (including halogen-phosphorus) and inorganic flame retardant [mainly for the Mg (OH) 2 and Al (OH) 3].

Halogen-free flame retardants (in particular, bromine), phosphorus-based flame retardant flame retardant effect is good, but expensive, and environmental issues, restrictions on use, efficient, strong smoke suppression and innocuity of magnesium hydroxide aluminium hydroxide and inorganic flame retardants such as more and more users of all ages.