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Fiberglass Tape Different Classification

Sep 26, 2017

Glass fiber adhesive tape for interlayer insulation and strapping of transformers (especially high frequency transducers, microwave ovens), fixed parts of the oven for local parts, for strapping of metal strips, ceramic heaters and quartz tubes Winding fixed and so on.

Color: Transparent / Dyeing.

Ingredients: PET / OPP film, glass fiber.

Main types: striped tape / mesh tape

Temperature: room temperature 0-70 part of the product using silica gel temperature up to 180 ℃.

Pressure: 2.5 ~ 3kV. Features: corrosion-resistant, flame retardant, there will be no residue after application.

A product, different characteristics, the use of different areas, especially industrial products. Glass fiber tapes can also be divided into a variety of their own characteristics, some insulation, and some insulation, as well as insulation, which determines their application in different areas play a different role.


First of all, glass fiber insulation tape is a kind of fiber tape, with good insulation, insulation and anti-corrosion properties, is the use of glass fiber roving, or by the processing of glass fiber yarn processing, suitable for winding High temperature pipe fittings, such as electric wire cable.

The second, silicone rubber glass fiber protective tape, it is in the glass fiber ribbon coated with thick silicone rubber made of fiber tape, can be used to band the cable and so on the heating element, from the heat insulation effect The

The third, fiberglass radiation protection heat insulation, this fiber tape produced by a special process, are generally thick. In addition to the above two types of performance, it also has insulation, anti-corrosion effect.

The fourth, silicone rubber self-adhesive tape, this made double-sided tape has a good viscosity, in the design of their own close, self-solidification, can form a water-tight insulation layer characteristics, to avoid oil and pollutants infiltration The inner braid layer.