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Fiberglass Cloth Is Used For Low Temperature-70 ℃

Jul 10, 2017

  Standard for quality inspection of Fiberglass Cloth

  Fiber cloth applicable scope, mechanical and electrical, chemical, pipelines, ships, wire and cable advantages: high strength, low density, high temperature (550℃-1000℃), good insulation, good insulation effect.

  Fiberglass Cloth Main performance: 1, Fiberglass Cloth is used for low temperature-70 ℃, high temperature 1000 ℃, and can withstand instantaneous high temperature.

  2, Fiberglass Cloth resistant to ozone, sunlight and climate aging.

  3, Fiberglass Cloth high-strength, high modulus, low shrinkage, no deformation.

  4, Fiberglass Cloth is not flammable. Good thermal insulation performance

  5, the Fiberglass Cloth exceeds the working temperature, still has certain residual strength.

  6, Fiberglass Cloth corrosion resistance.

  Fiberglass Cloth can achieve the following quality requirements: ① Fiberglass Cloth uniform, Bubinping straight, flat on the surface of the table-like, no stains, fluff, creases, wrinkles, etc.

  ② Fiberglass Cloth warp, weft dense, area weight, cloth width and length are in line with the standard;

  ③ Fiberglass Cloth winding in a solid paper core, winding neatly;

  ④ Fiberglass Cloth has a rapid, good resin permeability;

  The dry and wet mechanical strength of laminated materials made of ⑤ fiberglass fabric can meet the requirements.

  Use: Fireproof board and large tank body anti-corrosion insulation, Fiberglass Cloth roof waterproof and insulation by special cloth. Widely used in pipelines, electronics, transportation, chemical engineering, construction, insulation sound absorption, fire and environmental protection and other fields. Product standards: In line with the industry standards and national standards characteristics: Diameter line single wire tension ≥20n weft single wire tension ≥19n with the width of the ± ±1cm m ± 1.5% on the surface of the standard warp and weft yarn uniform, no tightness, off weft phenomenon. The inner tube Index strengthens the paper tube, the paper wall thickness 0.5cm, Fiberglass Cloth Aperture 4.5cm, alkali resistance ph value = 9 Lye Soak 24 hours, its tensile strength is 25%. Waterproof, fire, high temperature, low temperature absorption, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature, no deformation.