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Fiberglass Cloth Is Made Of Glass Fiber Woven Fabric

Aug 16, 2017

  Fiberglass Cloth is made of glass fiber woven fabric. It is mainly used as insulation material, reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic, chemical filter cloth, high pressure steam insulated glass cloth material, fireproof products, high elasticity belt, construction, high temperature, high temperature and high performance. Materials and stickers, and so on. Glassy brittle, coarse glass fiber weaving easy to break, so generally used for woven glass cloth fiber diameter of 3.8 to 15.5 microns. Glass fiber can be made of filament and spun yarn. Fiberglass Cloth Filament is the raw material used at high temperature melt spinning, and the general synthetic fiber filament spinning similar; short fiber is the melt flow through the nozzle, and then by compressed air or high pressure steam jet blown off, and then by Into a bundle, plus twist, the joint into a glass spun yarn.

  The weaving method of the glass cloth is the same as that of the general cotton fabric. Usually made of resin and other coating fabric can also be made of paint and other printed glass cloth. Fiberglass Cloth Pipeline anti-corrosion insulation cloth (pipe bandage cloth) Products: Uses: mainly used for pipeline corrosion, insulation.

  Usage: ① anti-corrosion: first pipe rust, with the appropriate density of fiber cloth and asphalt coating or other products at the same time wrapped in the outer layer of the pipeline. Fiberglass Cloth Generally two or three layers.

  ② insulation: the anti-corrosion treatment of the pipeline, with insulation or insulation tube wrapped around, with a suitable width for the density of fiber cloth, wrapped in the insulation layer and then brush the paint or directly wrapped around the asphalt cloth can be. Features: anti-corrosion, buried in the ground will not rot, rack in the air will not be weathering, not afraid of water, not afraid of the sun. Fiberglass Cloth Due to the different needs of the construction unit, the factory in the use of insulation materials developed on the edge of fiber cloth.

  This product can be supplied with the requirements of any width, any density of the product. Use this product to make the pipeline beautiful, smooth, is now on the market the best anti-corrosion insulation products. For other specifications, please order. Fiberglass Cloth Product Description: Mainly used for pipe corrosion, insulation, flue {exhaust duct}, European, Fiberglass Cloth light wall panels, sandstone murals, glass steel products such as a series of cement gypsum GRC components and insulation Board composite board activities board and wall.