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Do You Want To Know Why The Twin Screw Price Is Much Times Higher Than The Single Screw Price ?

Apr 02, 2018

1. single screw is lower in price

Single screw extruder is simple in structure and low in price.

The twin screw structure is complex and the price is high. The twin screw extruder is about 1 times as expensive as a single screw extruder. Individual will be higher, specific because of the manufacturer, model and different.

2. single screw formula is simple

In fact, in fact, the difference between the two is not very big. But the process of single screw extruder is relatively simple, and the process, process and formula of the twin screw extruder will be more complicated.

3. Nanjing twin-screw free combination screw

The twin-screw thread can combine the thread according to the situation of the material and the mood of the operation.

The single screw is more rigid than the screw.

4. Nanjing twin screw is more efficient

The twin screw extruder has large output, fast extrusion speed, low energy consumption per unit output and poor single screw. The efficiency of the twin screw extruder is about 1 times as much as the single screw extruder. It is determined by the manufacturer and the model.

5. Nanjing twin-screw mixing and plasticizing ability is strong

Simply speaking, single screw is suitable for plasticizing and extruding of polymers, suitable for extrusion processing of granular materials, such as molding, blowing, injection and so on, with wide range of materials.

The twin screw extruder has good mixing and plasticizing ability, which is more suitable for the modification of plastic. And the twin screw extruder can make double colors.

6. single screw is easy to repair

In terms of maintenance, the single screw is simpler than the twin screw, because the structure of the single screw is simple and easy to repair.

7. transport mechanism

Conveying in Single Screw Extruder mainly depends on the friction generated between the material and the barrel, counter rotating twin screw extruder for positive delivery has forced the material forward, and counter rotating twin screw extruder in the meshing position of two screw on the shear force of material. (for the abnormal twin screw extruder)

8. velocity field

The velocity distribution in a single screw extruder is relatively clear and easy to describe. The situation of the opposite twin screw extruder is rather complicated and difficult to describe. This is mainly due to the fact that the screw has meshing area, and the complex flow in the meshing area makes it have many advantages such as full mixing, uniform heat transfer, strong melting ability and good exhaust performance, but it is difficult to accurately analyze the flow state in the meshing area. (for the abnormal twin screw extruder).

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