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Do You Know What The Difference Between Underwater Pelletizer And Underwater Granulator?

Dec 18, 2017


Do you know what the difference between underwater pelletizer and underwater granulator?

The traditional underwater granulator, through single screw and twin screw extruder, plastic melt filter, then through extrusion brace cooling water cooling solidification, then cut into grain,


The underwater pelletizing / spray granulating / underwater granulator is not in the brace or not brace condition, in the melt extrusion die the moment contact with cooling water and a new type of mechanical direct cutting, cutting relative melt solid state has obvious advantages.


Through many years of technology accumulation, Kalshine has been technically stable, and some key indicators exceed the industry standard through automatic underwater granulating /underwater mist cutting and pelletizing /underwater pelletizing system.


The underwater pelletizing system adopt super hard alloy grinding head, unique heating and constant temperature system, uniform heating, unique anti solidification template, special template temperature control distribution, special material is used, template life is over two years. Ultra long blade life; automatic adjustment of the heart knife system; one key automatic operation, the cutting system is simple and reliable.

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