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Do You Know The Classification Of PVC Watts?

Mar 19, 2018


PVC tile is formed by the polymerization of PVC thermoplastic resin tile, generally used in high-grade workshop, warehouse, farmers market, market channel, carport and other places. We divide it into different types according to its different application places. In this regard, PVC corrosion resistant tile manufacturers here are professional explanation.

1. roof tile: combined with color steel tile, it has beautiful appearance and wide range of application. It is widely used in all kinds of large span factory buildings.

2. wall board: it is mainly used in the wall of the factory building to contribute to the problem of anti-corrosion on the facade of the factory building.

3. ceiling series: mainly used in the workshop and farms can beautify the indoor ceiling, decorative effect, and provide protection for the purlines metal structure.

4.  the free demolition series: it is launched to meet the needs of the original color steel tile customers. It can directly cover the construction without removing the old corroded roof, and it will not affect the normal use of the workshop, which saves both cost and time.

5. wave: wave tile tile series is based on the red clay pantile on improved technology and formula, which greatly improves the weatherability of the mechanical strength of the product, the product is suitable for roofing, carport, breeding shed roof.


From: www.kalshine.com