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Do You Know Matters Needing Attention In Vibrating Screen Of Pelletizer?

Apr 06, 2018

pelletizer can be mixed into granules can be dried block crushed into the required size. It is suitable for small batch production in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, scientific research units, laboratories, hospitals and small health care products factories. Matters needing attention in vibrating screen of pelletizer (vibrating screen repair and maintenance) are as follows:

1. the normal working temperature of the bearing should not exceed 75 degrees C. The new exciter may have a slightly higher temperature because of a running process, but after running for 8 hours, the temperature should be stabilized. If the temperature is too high, it should be checked.

2. the bolt connected to the screen box is a high-strength bolt. It is not allowed to replace it with ordinary bolts. It is necessary to check the tightness regularly, and check it at least once a month. Any bolt loosening will cause other bolts to cut and cause damage to the screen.

3. the high strength bolts, nuts and washer must meet the requirements of GB1231-76 "high strength six angle bolts, large six angle nuts and gaskets for steel structure".

4. to replace the V belt, the motor should be completely loosened, easy to put into the tape wheel, not allowed to use the stick or other objects to pry the V belt. The tighten force of the V belt must be suitable, the belt wheel must be correct, and then re - adjust once again for 48 hours after the first adjustment of the tension.

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