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Development Status Of China Plastics Machinery Industry

Sep 27, 2017

  Development status of China plastics machinery industry

  Plastics machinery industry has developed rapidly, its development speed and the main economic indicators in the machinery industry in the top 194 industries. Plastic machinery manufacturing capacity of about 200,000 units (sets), a complete range, ranked first in the world.

  At present, China's main plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises nearly 400, large and medium enterprises around 200, on the scale of the backbone enterprises have 10. Emerging plastic machinery Enterprises with high-tech, scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation, management innovation and a series of characteristics, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign counterparts.

  China Plastics machinery Enterprises are mainly distributed in the southeast coast, the Pearl River Delta area, where the development of Ningbo is the most fierce, has become China's largest injection molding machine production base, annual production accounted for more than 1/2 of the annual total injection molding machine, accounted for 1/3 of the world's injection molding machine. The replacement of plastic mold industry, technological innovation has also appeared unprecedented gratifying changes. Guangdong Shantou Most of the enterprises have introduced a full set of Germany, France, Italy and China Taiwan Province the latest computer automation mold processing technology, greatly improved the mold technical performance, quality grade.

  Although China's plastics machinery is developing rapidly, production variety is also more, basically can supply domestic plastic raw materials processing and plastic products processing, molding the general technical equipment required, individual products also enter the forefront of the world, but compared with industrial developed countries such as Germany, Japan, Italy, China's plastic machinery still have a certain gap, mainly in the variety of small, High energy consumption, low control level, performance instability and so on.

  At present, China's plastic machinery products are mainly concentrated in the general use of small and medium-sized equipment, low technical content, the 20th century 80-90 years of low-grade products oversupply, machinery manufacturing capacity of excess, enterprise benefits decline. Some varieties especially super fine large-scale high-end products or blank, still need to import. According to 2001 statistics, China imported plastic machinery using foreign exchange of 1.12 billion U.S. dollars, and exports of plastic machinery only 130 million U.S. dollars, imports far more than exports.