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Color Masterbatch Will Not Affect The Gloss Of Plastic Products

Oct 20, 2017

The first question: he used the Color Masterbatch, the plastic products are not in accordance with their own requirements for Color Masterbatch, because we all know that Color Masterbatch is not just a generic, Color Masterbatch carrier type is very much , Do not have to test can be used to guess the use of Color Masterbatch will not only affect the gloss of plastic products, and even performance have been reduced, so, in this to remind you in the purchase of Color Masterbatch before, to their own plastic products to understand, Go to the Color Masterbatch.

The second question: may be the existence of raw materials, or the manufacturer is the use of renewable materials, low quality, the results of finished processing products will of course be reduced, or the use of its Color Masterbatch carrier and Different types of raw materials resin, Color Masterbatch manufacturers compatibility, dispersion, not meet the requirements, of course, after molding products will be reduced gloss, and even lead to plastic products from the skin.

Color Masterbatch caused by injection production of the common phenomenon:

A, uneven color causes: high temperature cylinder, long molding cycle and resin compatibility is not good.

Treatment: reduce the temperature of the cylinder, the use of good compatibility of the carrier.

B, bad gloss causes: the nozzle outside the low temperature, long molding cycle, Color Masterbatch in the titanium dioxide and more, Color Masterbatch pigment dispersion is poor.

Treatment: increase the nozzle temperature, shorten the molding cycle. Reduce the titanium dioxide in the Color Masterbatch and improve the dispersibility of the pigment in the Color Masterbatch.

Colorants, also known as color species, is a super-constant pigment or dye evenly attached to the resin and the resulting aggregate.

What are the benefits of using Color Masterbatches:

1. is conducive to maintaining the chemical stability of the pigment and color stability;

2. make the pigment in the plastic have better dispersion;

3. Protect the health of the operator;

4. Simple process, easy to change color;

5. Environmentally clean, non-contaminated containers;

6. Save time and raw materials.

As the pigment in the storage and use of direct contact with the air, so there will be moisture absorption, oxidation, agglomeration and other phenomena, the direct use of plastic products in the surface of the color point, hue dark, easy to fade color, and caused by mixing Dusty, affecting the health of the operator. The Color Masterbatch in the production process through the mechanical processing, the pigment was refined, the pigment and resin carrier, dispersant fully mixed, so that the pigment and air, water isolation, thereby enhancing the pigment weather resistance, The pigment dispersion and color strength, hue bright. As the Color Masterbatch and resin particles similar shape, so the measurement is more convenient and accurate, mixed will not adhere to the container, thus saving the time to clean containers and machines and cleaners used in raw materials.