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Color Masterbatch Used In The Process And Equipment Also Requirements?

Oct 20, 2017

First, the use of Color Masterbatch process requirements

1. The use of Color Masterbatch colored injection molding products, the best choice of screw-type injection molding machine, or because of plastic, poor mixing caused by uneven coloring.

2. To improve the extrusion back pressure, in order to improve the screw mixing effect, you can make the Color Masterbatch dispersed more evenly.

3. solemn, elegant high-level color and imitation porcelain, flash color, must be very bright in the mold under the premise to show its effect.

4. In the production process, if found to match the Color Masterbatch on the hopper wall, is static reason, you can ground the hopper to eliminate static electricity, will not affect the process.

Second, the equipment requirements

Application of Color Masterbatch, the mold in the ribs or open air prone to flow chaos caused by uneven dispersion, mold design should be avoided. Extrusion molding and injection molding compared to the extruder screw L / D large, after adding the filter to improve the back pressure, so good dispersion.

Injection molding, the injection speed is slow, high back pressure is good dispersion. In order to ensure uniform dispersion of Color Masterbatch, the need to add a static mixer in the front of the mixer.

Third, the use of Color Masterbatch

1. In strict accordance with the Color Masterbatch enterprises to provide the added proportion of mixing.

2.PET, ABS, PA, PC as the carrier of Color Masterbatch, stored for some time will absorb moisture, should be used before drying.

3. With Color Masterbatch fight color, the need for professional guidance, or will occur color and shade changes.

4. Color Masterbatch and other additives will respond, the use of attention.