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Brief Analysis Of Common Problems In SPC Floor Production

Nov 30, 2018

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Brief Analysis of Common Problems in SPC Floor Production

1. The dimension of the product is unstable, the finalizing die is not satisfied with the die, and the wall thickness is not uniform.

Reasons: unreasonable lubrication inside and outside formula, unstable speed of quantitative feeding, serious wear of screw barrel and incorrect matching clearance;

Solution: Improve the ratio of internal and external slipper, correct feeding failure, replace barrel and screw, adjust barrel and screw clearance.

2. The product has uneven appearance, obvious color deviation, irregular fish scale on the surface, poor product performance, poor toughness, brittle product and unqualified impact resistance.

Reasons: The formula structure is unreasonable, inorganic filling is too high, plasticizing is not good, and the amount of anti-impact materials is insufficient.

Solution: Modify formula structure, reduce inorganic filler content appropriately, modify material plasticization to about 65%, increase impact material as appropriate.

3. The finished products produce bending, deformation and local subsidence.

Reasons: the die and die are not on the same plane, the extrusion speed is too fast, the temperature of cold water is too high, the water pressure is too small, the water and gas path is not smooth, and the vacuum negative pressure is insufficient.

Solution: Correct die and die at the same level, reduce extrusion speed - cooling water temperature, increase water pressure and flow, adjust vacuum negative pressure to check water and air passage.


Only by fully understanding the quality and processing requirements of products, combining equipment and materials, reasonably designing formula and processing technology, mastering their roles and mutual relations and influences, can we balance the factors of product quality, production efficiency, formula cost and processing cost.

From: www.kalshine.com-SPC Flooring Production Line