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A Technology Announced It Would Raise The Price Of TPU

Mar 07, 2018

With the more and more extensive application of TPU, the heat of TPU continues. In March 1, 2018, a number of scientific and technological companies have also issued a notice of raising prices.

"Due to the recent further increase in the prices of raw materials (AA, BDO, MDI and Qi rise) supply imbalance situation, through the internal control has been unable to overcome the cost pressure of raw material prices, the company decided, for both client and maintain good relations of cooperation, our company TPU products all products per ton transfer 2000~3000 yuan from March 1, 2018, the company sales staff will promptly communicate with customers."

There is reason to believe that the TPU market will go high this year. KALSHINE provides high quality TPU twin screw extruder, which is welcome to be ordered.

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