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A New And Efficient Xps Recycling Machine

May 11, 2018

The kalshine's Technology Department has made improvements on the basis of xps recycling machine, which is specially used for the recovery and granulation of powdered XPS.
The particle production of the original foam granulator and the pellet quality of the foam granulation machine were improved. A new and efficient xps recycling machine--250H Type double transmission xps recycling machine came out. Thexps recycling machine is designed with dual gearbox, which is more economical and durable.
Increase the forced feed to adapt to the fast feed. The machine head is fully automatic without shutting down the die, thus thoroughly solving the problem of material leakage.The equipment has also installed a complete set of temperature control system, which fully protects the transparency and color of the granules, and produces a high level of foam particles.


From: www.kalshine.com