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Why is screw configuration so important?

Jan 12, 2018


  The screw configuration determines where the machine will operate to produce a specific compound quality……

  There has 2 Situations “Low Shear” Screw Configuration and “High Shear” Screw Configuration.At“Low Shear”,machine operates at maxium screw speed, low feed rate to produce “good” quality compound. At“High Shear”,machine operates at low screw speed, high feed rate to produce “good” quality compound.

  For most composite applications, how much power will be applied to the twin screw extruder, and how much material they can apply or extruder can maximize their capacity. We can't change the extruding volume of extruder, but we can change the mechanical energy input efficiency and transport the design and optimization of the extruder screw, and improve the production efficiency.

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