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Why do you say that the block type twin screw is especially good?

Dec 26, 2017

A screw extruder is a machine that focuses on a series of chemical basic unit processes, such as solid conveying, supercharging, melting, exhausting, dehumidifying, melt conveying and pumping. Compared to the single screw extruder, the twin screw extruder can make the melt more fully mixed, so the application is more extensive. Split type double screw extruder machine screw and barrel adopt advanced "block" design, screw which is sheathed on the mandrel and the various forms of the combination screw block, cylinder liner inner screw block can be adjusted according to the different varieties of materials, according to the process requirements for flexible combination structure the realization of ideal screw element, material conveying, plasticizing, thinning, shearing, extrusion pressure and exhaust, construction process, so as to solve the so-called universal screw and special contradictions in general difficult to balance, to the use of a machine, a machine multi-functional purpose. Another advantage of the building block design is that local parts can be replaced for the worn screw and barrel components, which avoids the scrapping of the whole screw or cylinder and greatly reduces the maintenance cost. L and host twin screw are high-speed and synchronous meshing. They can produce very strong and complex functions of material transfer, exchange, blending and shear kneading in various screw and mixing elements. These functions can be fully self regulated by changing the configuration of the screw and the operating conditions, so as to meet the requirements of various processes. 2, accurate measurement, reasonable feeding mode is to strictly enforce the formulation of the key, but also to ensure the product quality first, we according to the material properties, the needs of users, with a variety of feeding modes, such as volume measurement, dynamic measurement of weight loss and so on, in order to meet the needs of different products. 3. Advanced control system. The extruder is equipped with advanced and beautiful control system. Most of its control elements are imported, with good quality and high sensitivity. The operating parameters of the host, such as current, voltage, temperature, torque and so on are very intuitive, so it is very convenient to operate, and the requirements for the operators are not high. 4. The system is equipped with several kinds of grain cutting methods, such as wire drawing water cold cutting, hot water cooling, hot cut air cooling and so on. It can be configured according to the different materials and the requirements of the users.

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