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What system is the control of the plastic extruder?

Jan 29, 2018

The control system of plastic granulator includes heating system, cooling system and process parameter measurement system, mainly composed of electrical appliances, instruments and actuators (i.e. control panel and operation table). Its main function is: motor control and regulation of the main auxiliary output, which meets technological requirements of speed and power, and can make the main auxiliary work; temperature, pressure and flow detection and adjusting the plastic extruder; to achieve control of the entire unit or automatic control.

Electrical control extrusion unit can be divided into two parts of transmission control and temperature control, to achieve control of the extrusion process including temperature, pressure, screw speed, screw barrel cooling, cooling, cooling and diameter of the products, and traction speed, and ensure the orderly cable take-up reel on constant tension from start to end plates of the wire control.

The extruder temperature control host

The plastic extrusion of insulation and sheath of wire and cable is based on the deformation characteristics of thermoplastic plastic, which is made in the viscous flow state. In addition to the requirements of screw and barrel external heating, melting to make plastic extrusion, but also consider its own heating screw extrusion plastic, so the temperature of the host should be whole to consider, it is necessary to consider the heater on and off, but also consider the factors of screw extrusion heat to have spillover cooling, cooling facilities effectively the. The position and installation method of the thermocouple of the measuring element can be correctly and reasonably determined, and the actual temperature of the main parts of the main engine can be accurately reflected from the readings of the temperature control instrument. And the accuracy of the temperature control instrument is matched with the system, so that the temperature stability of the whole host temperature control system can meet the requirements of various plastic extrusion temperatures.

The extruder pressure control

In order to reflect the needs of extrusion die, extrusion die pressure detection, because no domestic extruder head pressure sensor, is generally the measurement of screw extrusion thrust measurement instead of head pressure, screw load (current or voltage table table table) can reflect the size of the extrusion pressure. The fluctuation of extrusion pressure is also one of the important factors that cause the instability of extrusion quality. The fluctuation of extrusion pressure is closely related to the factors such as extrusion temperature, the use of cooling device and the running time of continuous operation. When abnormal phenomena can be excluded, it is imperative to reorganize the production and stop production. It can not only avoid the increase of waste products, but also prevent accidents. Through the test of the pressure meter reading, you can know the pressure state of the plastic in the extrusion, the general post thrust limit value alarm control.

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