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What is the difference between the properties of different material pipes?

May 08, 2018

PP pipe is good in corrosion resistance, has good strength, high surface hardness, surface finish, has high temperature resistant performance hot melt welding, flange thread connection chemical sewage, seawater, oil and irrigation pipes, used for Indoor concrete floor heating system heating pipe.


 ABS tube is excellent in corrosion resistance, light weight, and heat resistance higher than PE, PVC, but the price is more expensive. Bonding, Flange Threaded Connections Sanitary ware is used for pipes, pipes, sewer pipes, underground cable pipes, and high-preservation industrial pipes.


The strength of PB pipe is between PE and PP, and the flexibility is between LDPE and HDPE. The outstanding feature is the creep resistance (cold deformation), repeated winding and continuous, temperature resistance, chemical properties are also very good. , Flange threaded connection to the water pipes, hot and cold water pipes, gas pipes, underground buried high pipes.


 GRP pipe Excellent corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, good design performance Slip ring connection, flange connection Widely used petrochemical pipelines and large diameter water supply and drainage pipes.

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