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what is the characteristics of the kneading elements?

Dec 27, 2017


Kneading elements with mixing, melting with excellent performance, widely used in twin screw extrusion machine. The kneading blocks can also be made into a single, and then fitted to the shaft to form a combined block, the adjustable Kneading Disc of the stagger angle, shear strength depends on the kneading it has several protrusions (that is, eccentric circle, diamond or curved triangle), shape, size precision and barrel (and other a) the gap between, also depends on the angle between the staggered screw pinch. The eccentric disc kneading, using combined, the eccentric arranged in the same direction, so that in a pair of kneading disc has a continuous sweep of the relationship. For diamond kneading, should make a diamond disc along the top of another long kneading curve edge mobile. The curved triangle of kneading, a song should make a disc at the top of another sweep angle Kneading Disc edge. No matter what kind of kneading into the barrel after a contour Kneading Disc and cylinder inner surface is formed along the axis of the plurality of space communication, the space of material flow. Each rotation of the screw will change the shape and size of the space. For the eccentric disc, the number of space should be changed. No matter what kind of kneading, as it rotates, in which space materials subjected to compression, tensile, shear strength and kneading, depending on the role in the rotational speed, the screw kneading disc geometry accuracy and material by a kneading disc to another kneading disc the trend.