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What are the parts of the PVC rigid pipe extrusion die structure?

May 15, 2018



The PVC rigid pipe extrusion die structure is the most widely used die structure for the plastic pipe molding of the extruder. The main components are die body, diverter cone, diverter cone bracket, die, mandrel, adjusting screw, calibrating sleeve, gland, intake pipe joints and so on.

This mold structure is mainly used for extrusion of rigid PVC pipe and PP pipe production, and HDPE pipe production. The HDPE and PP pipe molding mold structure is the same as the PVC pipe molding mold structure. However, the size of each component in the mold is slightly different. The shape of the tube blanks, PVC pipe most of the internal pressure of the legal type, and most of the use of vacuum cooling jacket set.

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