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What are the main points of the hot melt connection of PP-R pipe material?

Mar 20, 2018

A and hot-melt tools are connected to the 220V power supply, reaching the working temperature (230~260 degrees Celsius, according to the actual construction environment temperature). When the indicator light is lit for 15~20 minutes, it will be able to start operation.

B, cutting pipe, must use special tool, and the cutting section should be perpendicular to the tube axis, notice if there is burr or the edge should be removed.

C, pipe and pipe fittings must be kept clean, dry and oil free.

When D, welding elbow or three pass, it should be welded in the direction required by the design drawing. When necessary, auxiliary signs can be added to determine its position.

E, connection should not rotate the tube end into the heating sleeve, insert into the marked depth, and push the pipe to the heating head and reach the required mark.

After F and heating time, the pipes and fittings are removed from the heating sleeve and heating head at once, and quickly and directly inserted into the standard depth without rotation, resulting in uniform flange forming at the joint.

G, in the time specified in Schedule 1, the welded joint can be corrected, but the rotation is strictly prohibited.

From: PPR Pipe Extrusion Line