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Use of plastic raw materials

Jan 04, 2018

Polystyrene type of hard glue: lampshade, instrument shell cover, toys, etc. [1]

Polypropylene pp (100 glue): Packaging bags, wiredrawing, packaging, daily necessities, toys and so on;

PPC: Daily necessities, electrical appliances, etc.

Polyethylene LDPE (flower material, tube material): Packaging plastic bags, plastic flowers, plastic bottle wire, packaging, etc.;

CPE: Building materials, pipe, cable insulation layer, heavy packaging materials;

Nylon 9: Mechanical parts, pumps, cable sheath;

Nylon 1010: Ropes, tubing, gears, mechanical parts;

Injection Molding: Extrusion molding TEFLON,PFA chemical parts, mechanical parts;

Injection Molding: Extrusion molding ETFE chemical parts, mechanical parts;

Polyphenylene oxide: gears, bearings, chemical equipment and components for working at higher temperatures;

Polyurethane PU: Sole, cushion mattress, artificial leather, paint;

Silicone: Rubber Products, release agent, emulsion elastomer, varnish paint, etc.

Unsaturated polyester: coatings, FRP, decorative parts, flooring, buttons, etc.

HDPE: wiredrawing, injection molding, hollow, thin film, cable material, pipe, etc.

Ethylene-Vinyl acetate copolymer eva: Membrane type, foaming, etc.

Polypropylene PP: Injection molding, fiber, powder, BOPP film, coating film, etc.

Copolymer polypropylene: Low soluble fat, medium soluble fat, high soluble fat, etc.

PE: Building materials, plastic bags, film, milk barrels, etc.

PP, PE, PVC: Food packaging bags, plastic bags, etc.

PS: foam lunch box;

ABS: Machinery, automobiles, electrical and electronic appliances, instrumentation, textiles and construction;

PET: Synthetic fiber, packaging containers, etc.

POM: Machine tool processing, welding, etc.

PTFE: Anti-acid-base, organic solvents, etc.

Bakelite: Electrical insulating materials, daily necessities and so on.