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Underwater Pelletizing machine troubleshooting and maintenance

Dec 14, 2017


Underwater Pelletizing machine troubleshooting and maintenance

1 Underwater system fault


Analysis of factors: cutter blade damage or excessive wear particles, water flow rate is too low, the cutter oscillation is too large, the cutter and the template fitting is not tight, the material melt index fluctuation is relatively large discharge velocity is not the same, the particles temperature factors can then form through advanced full unit interlock cutting system of parking the underwater.


Approach: parking, visually check the blade is not excessive wear or damage, if there should be fully replace the cutter. Check and acknowledge particles water is not leakage, particle filter and cooler tank is not blocking, blocking if artificial arrangement; particle pump outlet pressure balance check is not normal, if not normal should be maintenance of pumps and pump line valve particles. To see if the pair between the cutter shaft and the cutting machine is not in difference, the bearing components of the cutter shaft are not damaged, and the rotor dynamic balance of the cutter is not out of balance.


2 High melt pressure


Analysis of factors: the filter mesh is high, low melt index polypropylene powder and feeding a large amount of each cylinder low temperature causes the material to melt completely, the template opening rate is low so that the nose blocked material extrusion etc. can cause the melt pressure is too high.


Approach: the production of low melting index of goods, should use low filter mesh, increase the throttle to reduce the back pressure; timely replacement of filters, monitoring of various additives and guess the ash content of polypropylene powder quality. Drop the feed load. Under the condition that the quality of the kneading goods is not affected, the temperature of each section of the cylinder is improved, which makes the melt temperature of polypropylene improve and increase the material fluidity. After the kneading machine, the machine head temperature and constant temperature for a period of time, completely rinse the template.


3 Conflict clutch fault


Analysis of factors: the main motor suddenly start voltage is too low, the conflict, conflict with hot plate, conflict and conflict conflict piece disc aging, disc air pressure is too low level factors can cause the clutch.


Approach: the main motor power, should avoid peak electricity, decreased feed load, the time interval from the short hair for 30 minutes; in the summer, repeated more than two times to launch the main motor, should extend the interval of time or with forced cooling fan. Sweep the surface and sweep the surface of the conflict and conflict disk with rag. If the wear is heavier or the appearance is "vitrification", the conflict disk and conflict sheet should be replaced. It is acknowledged that the air pressure value is not able to fit the conflicting plates to the conflict films.


4 Main motor torque is too high


Analysis of factors: oil lubrication system fault, the main motor output shaft and gear box balance shaft of motor and clutch, oscillation and other factors will damage the main motor bearing, the torque is too high. In addition, excessive feeding load or bad material melting will cause high torque of the main motor.


Approach: timing check and cleaning of the lubricating oil system, using the oscillating meter and infrared thermometer to measure the main motor bearing and a trend chart. Check the alignment between the output shaft of the main motor and the input shaft of the gearbox. After three months of driving or replacing the bearing, it is necessary to check the situation in the opposite direction. For electrical test, we can conclude the factors of rotor imbalance, and carry out the oscillating speed test for the clutch. If we exceed the specified value, we should adjust the dynamic balance from scratch. The heating and cooling system of the barrel is checked regularly to ensure that the material is fully heated and even melted. If the kneading machine starts driving, the main motor power curve and melt pressure curve increase instantly, indicating that the feeding volume of the feeding system is too large, so the feed volume should be reduced.


5 Main motor torque is too low


Analysis of factors: feeding system failure causes the double screw idling will cause the main motor torque is too low.


Approach: view the discriminant system or raw material feed additive system is not a fault, finishing blocking point.

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