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The important processes of Screw element processing

Jul 27, 2017


Screw The self-cleaning co-rotating twin screw& Counter-rotating twin screwIs an important part of the current building screw extruder, screw element processing can cause a different pitch of screw collocation of various materials, screw has changed the traditional long production cycle, high cost.

  But, you know, screw elements (the main component of a building block screw) also have a lot of problems in machining, like Spline eccentricity problem.


  Many  factors causing the problem that the geometric eccentricity which is one of the main sources of gear transmission error between the Inner splined hole of the screw element and the core shaft. It may causes the teeth to mesh badly, produce shock and noise; or even  the gear meshing results in the phenomenon of "holding teeth", which results in serious quality accidents.


Therefore, to improve the geometric eccentricity accuracy of the inner and outer teeth of gear spline is the main way to improve the transmission accuracy of gear machining.


  Kalshine with many years of experience in processing manufacturers are always working for it, we Improve positioning accuracy, jigs and fixtures, optimize process ,while the use of advanced processing equipment, optimization of processing technology. The coaxial degree of the spline shaft and the outer circle can reach more than 7 accuracy, and the screw quality is greatly improved.


  Continuously improve and improve the processing technology, just to improve the performance of products, we are willing to spend more time to bring you better products! Kalshine always provides you the best products in china!



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