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What are the effects of screw skidding?

Mar 24, 2018

People use high speed injection molding machine, in order to shorten the injection cycle and improve production compliance. However, in the production process of injection products, the slipping of the screw of the injection molding machine is a big problem. Specially to deal with hygroscopic materials (such as nylon), the high water content of the resin will cause the slipping of the screw of the injection molding machine. The Undry dry will obviously lower the viscosity of the material, and attack the steam in the barrel, thus causing the screw to keep the ability to drop. In this regard, the moisture analyzer can be used to determine the moisture content of the dry material before processing, so that the dry degree of the material can reach the recommended value of the supplier.

The slipping of the screw of the injection molding machine will cause the degradation of the material, thus affecting the quality of the product. What is the cause of screw skidding? Why "catch" the slippery screw? When the screw barrel slipping, the material about the cluster in the feeder, which are normally sent to the end of the injection machine. Screw slipping occurs in the plasticizing section when the screw is rotated and evacuated in the barrel to keep the material and prepare the next injection.

At this point, the rotation of the screw is still inheriting, but the axial motion of the screw will stop, that is, skidding. Screw skidding often leads to the degradation of the material before the injection, the quality of the product will be low (such as the lack of material), and the molding cycle will extend.

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